Announcing Ethereum (ETH) Mixer in 2020 (Updated)

Ethereum ETH Mixer

We are pleased to announce Ethereum Mixer functionality on that will help to dissociate your wallet from your transactions.

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Ethereum Is Not Anonymous


Ethereum was not designed to be anonymous unlike some privacy coins. This makes it difficult for the privacy of the individual owner of the wallet to be guaranteed. In effect, this means that a serious analysis of the Ethereum blockchain can see all the transaction to and from a wallet, essentially defeating the principles behind decentralization.

We should bear in mind that apart from the fact that digital currencies bestow a measure of independence on the owner through the elimination of middlemen, it also had the objective of making people to take control of their financial concerns without the need of third parties such as bankers.

However, this should not be at the expense of the individual’s privacy. This is why the services of an ETH mixer become indispensable. With an ethereum tumbler, the wallet of a user is dissociated from its history in a way that the ether can no longer be traced to the individual effectively making the owner anonymous.


What Is Ether Mixer-Tumbler


Ethereum mixing services work by hiding the address that belongs to you from prying eyes and blockchain analysis. In effect, what it accomplishes by mixing your coins is that when you send your ether to the service, it dissociates the coins from your wallet by mixing them with its own store and sends new coins to the wallet that you provided. This makes it impossible for the original coins to be traced back to you.

One of the advantages of using an ether mixer is that it sends freshly premixed ether to your wallet address which you can keep privately. So the coins in the wallet are just like freshly minted since they are coming directly from the ether blender. Your old ether is added to the pool of funds owned by the service provider and will no longer be traced to you.

The provider of the ethereum coin mixer service charges a small fee which is deducted after the ether you sent have been dissociated from you.


Keep In Mind


You have to bear in mind that there is a time delay between the time your ether is sent to the mixer and the time the mixed coins are sent to the wallet that you provided to receive the blended ethereum. The reason is strictly security. An extra measure put in place to protect your transactions from blockchain analysis.

There are many coin mixing services but not all are reliable. This is the reason why you should not send your ether to a random mixing service. There are cases in which scam services steal ether sent to them, so always use a reliable and established service such as